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goodies in the mail

well, i had 1 test of 3 this week. i have bunches to do, so i can't *really* write, much as i wish to do so.

interesting things in the mail:
-mom is sending me a care package!
-my aunt sent me cookies...from tiff's treats, a cookie delivery service that mom yelled at me for purchasing from when she and auntie came to sweet. :) she's getting a mad awesome thank you note!
-i ordered a book off of amazon called "No One Cares What You Had for Lunch: 100 Ideas for Your Blog," and it's in the mail (i think)

won't that be a relief to you, reader?! hell yes it will!

is december cool, or what?

lately i'm praying i do well on tests and that i get into the college. i think that if i do my part to get my gpa up, i'm in. i just read my old professor's recommendation yesterday before turning it in. i love that man! wow...english/writing teachers are the best there are. no, really...

the lady in the office who saw me reading it was so sweet. i asked if the letter needed to be in a sealed envelope (and mine was), but she said that they "get them both ways." she was so nice and polite, and i must wonder if she didn't see a little bit of herself in me as i reread the letter, or something...

- tuesday, Dec. 05, 2006


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