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goodbye, marcus

i talked to the roomie, anya, about marcus. this will be the last conversation i have with him. i have now blocked him from AIM. bye, marcus.

marcus: What's up?
me: not much
me: just studying
me: you?
me: oh, i fell asleep on you last night
marcus: Its ok, so did i
me: it was comfortable O:-)
marcus: I remember I was listing off my favorite porn stars...
me: yes
me: i actually looked some of them up
me: pretty
me: haha
marcus: Like who? Bianca and Danielle are my favorites
marcus: Danielle moreso, cause she's natural
me: the redhead, whoever she was
marcus: They're both redheads :-P
me: ah, okies
me: i like male redheads too
marcus: That's danielle
me: ah
marcus: I find that if you're looking for a specific actress/model, is the best for it
me: oh
me: ssss
me: thanks
marcus: If you're into that sort of thing
me: honestly not so much
me: have you ever been caught watching/looking at porn?
marcus: Yes, unfortunately
me: oh no
marcus: Never beating it though
me: once or more times than that?
me: well, at least that's good
me: who caught you, if i may be so bold?
marcus: Once
marcus: Parents
me: NO
me: that's horrible
marcus: Brother has once or twice, but he's a dick
me: what did they say?
me: ah, okay
marcus: My other brother didn't care
me: okay
marcus: Well
me: does he look at it too?
marcus: It was actually after the fact
marcus: My parents were billed
marcus: Didn't end well
me: oh no...
me: how horrible
marcus: My brother has several dvds under his bed
me: was it a pay per view thing
marcus: No, long distance internet
me: i'm sure you were more careful after that
me: oh
me: do you think your dad looks at porn?
marcus: No
marcus: Not at all
marcus: After 3 kids I think he's done
me: heh
me: but surely he's still interested in sex, right? it's just that he has your mom?
me: i mean, having kids can make sex difficult to plan out, sure, but
me: i would think that "the urge" or whatever never really subsides
marcus: I really don't care
me: i mean, age will make sex less appealing too, from what i've heard
marcus: No.
marcus: Not at all
me: ha, am i weirding you out talking about your dad's sex life?
me: i would be weirding me out, too
me: :-)
marcus: Yes.
me: okay
marcus: *shudder
me: i'll change the subject, then!
me: hehe
marcus: Pussy.
me: Yes.
marcus: We never talk about pussy
marcus: Why not?
me: Never talk about pussy? Oh dear.
me: what do you want to know about it?
marcus: I dunno
me: not that i'm an expert, but ask away
marcus: Your thoughts?
marcus: I like pussy, how about you?
me: yes
me: hehe
marcus: Really? What about it?
me: it's my sex organ of course i like it...:-
me: :-D
marcus: lol
me: i like how it gets wet
marcus: And did you like me touching it?
me: yes, but you needed some guidance -- not trying to offend at all here
marcus: Oh? Where did I need to go?
me: I didn't want you penetrating because even *i* don't penetrate
marcus: Why?
me: i think more...up and down, instead of around
marcus: You should try it
me: well, i did a couple of times after that night, but it hurt
me: i mean, even with only 1 finger
me: ha
marcus: You know
me: how women put men in there is beyond me, lol
marcus: If we ever did have sex
marcus: It would hurt a lot more than you could imagine
me: yeah, i'm sure
me: hm
me: is that you bragging, then? haha
marcus: I'm not bragging
me: just "saying"
marcus: I've been told, therefore its a fact
me: okay then :D
me: okay
marcus: :-)
marcus: It just hurts? It doesn't feel good at all?
me: felt sort of good
me: but not really good enough for me to keep doing it
marcus: Hm
marcus: Ahuh...
me: i mean, but of course eventually i'll lose the virginity
marcus: And what kind of pain?
marcus: Stinging? Burning?
marcus: Aching?
me: just a lot of discomfort down there, generally speaking
marcus: Hm
me: like, "my gosh what am i doing?"
me: i don't know
me: but it was kind of cool, too
me: in a way
me: to feel myself squeezing ON my finger
marcus: Hm
me: instead of just inside
marcus: lol
me: does that make sense?
marcus: Oh yes
marcus: Its nice
me: hehe
me: glad you think so
me: i read about these exercises to make a girl "tighter"
me: i've done them a few times, kind of fun
me: i really hope there's no way to track where i've been on wikipedia :D
me: i mean, there's History, but i can delete that
me: do your parents know you're not a virgin?
marcus: Kegles
me: yeah
marcus: I'm sure thet can guess
me: i thought it was kegels
me: ah
marcus: Either way
me: either way what?
me: oh, you're sure they can guess either way
me: is that what you meant?
marcus: Yes
me: i had never heard of kegels and one day back in oh...high school? (it might have been college) someone in my family makes some joke related to kegels
me: and i'm like, "what are kegels"?
me: they told me it made giving birth easier or something like that, and my grandmother, who is a nurse, told me what they were exactly
me: and of course it was embarrassing
marcus: lolz
me: but i didn't know it helped teh sex life, too
me: ha
me: and yes, i meant 'teh'
me: because it sounds idiotic
marcus: lol
me: *nuzzle*
me: *lick*
marcus: *lick lick*
me: uh oh, i suddenly got kicked off
me: last i saw was your *lick lick*
me: did i miss anything?
marcus: That's all I put
me: okies
me: *chases your tongue*
marcus: *blows*
me: haha
me: hm
me: *wraps legs around your waist*
me: *deep kiss*
marcus: *lick lick*
me: *slides down bra straps*
marcus: *Puts face between breasts*
me: hehe
me: *slides down panties*
me: *caresses your neck with my fingers*
me: *guides your fingers to my clit*
marcus: Mmm
me: *presses my breasts up against you*
me: *rubs your ass*
me: *deep kiss*
marcus: *sucks on earlobe
me: *gently guides your finger into me*
me: *clinches madly*
me: ugh. sorry, i'm just horny this time of the month
me: (extra)
me: hehe
marcus: Really?
me: yeah
marcus: You get hornier during that?
me: yeah
me: a lot of women do
marcus: Hm
me: does sex when a woman is menstruating gross you out?
me: it grosses some women out
me: and of course, some men, too
marcus: I've done it.
me: put then others just say to hell with it and put a towel down
me: was it better/worse/gross?
me: would you do it again?
me: or have you done it more than one time?
me: i've read that during that time of the month, women start to be attracted to other types of men--like "manly men", i guess
me: i don't really know what they mean by "other"
me: "other" than what?
marcus: I've done it more than once
me: and did it go over well?
me: you could shower together afterward, hehe!
marcus: Sure
marcus: As well as could be expected
me: ah, but then you might NEVER get done!
me: lol
marcus: We were actually in the shower
me: cool
me: problem solved
me: although one thing about that time of the month is that sometimes women get sore down there
me: and then it wouldn't be appealing
me: do penises ever get sore?
marcus: Hm
marcus: Nope
me: i don't see why they would, but who am i to know?
me: okay :D
me: ha
marcus: I dunno
marcus: it gets sore if hard for a long time
me: hm
me: and to get it unhard, you just massage it out i suppose?
me: and when you get "blueballs", do they really turn blue?
me: and, does hair grow on the shaft of the penis, or just around the base/on the balls?
marcus: No
marcus: All of the above
me: so the hair grows everywhere then
me: eek..shaving on the shaft seems horribly dangerous
me: i mean, OW
me: or do you just trim there or something?
me: i know i'm pelting you with questions here
marcus: Nah, its incredibly easy actually
me: so are they shavable?
marcus: Yep
me: huh
me: okay then
marcus: If you know what you're doing
me: hehe
me: *cuddle*
marcus: What about girls? Is it dificult for you to shave?,
me: it's a bit hard to see everything that needs to be seen
me: i mean, on the front is easy
me: but in dorms, it's hard to find a time when you know the roomie will be out
me: it's uh...easier with a mirror
me: ya know?
marcus: ... She could do it for you...
me: well, no, i guess you don't
me: in your dreams, sure
marcus: lolz
me: :-P
me: i've heard that shaving each other is an activity that couples like to partake in together...seems a bit strange to me, i've always seen shaving as something you do to prepare for your lover, not engage in together
me: but to each his and her own
marcus: Uip
me: i don't think i would be into it
me: uip?
marcus: Yup
me: are you into s&m?
marcus: Not really
me: hehe
marcus: I do enjoy the idea of tying or being tied
marcus: Or blindfold
me: yeah, that sounds like fun
marcus: Yup
me: and a little light biting and spanking also seems cool
me: but real pain? iono.
marcus: Oh yes
me: to which?
marcus: biting and spanking
me: haha
me: ahhh...
me: i'm listening to yes's "roundabout"
marcus: Mmm
me: you like yes?
marcus: I don't know yes
marcus: So... No?
me: ha!
me: nice
me: well
me: they're a 70s prog rock band, they incorporate some classical music into their songs
me: quite cool
marcus: Ah
me: and "roundabout" is probably their big hit, and therefore might be one you might have heard
me: i know "classical" music doesn't sound like it would be very cool...but man, this is cool
me: okay, question: do you think rosie the riveter is hot?
marcus: Who?
me: just a sec, i'll link you to a pic of her
me: she's a norman rockwell
marcus: Hm
marcus: Oooooooh
me: she's on my wall, if you remember.
marcus: That chick
me: hahaaaaaaa
marcus: Not really
me: the first thing my roommate said to me when i put her up was, "ooh, she's hot!"
marcus: I "nothing" her
me: and i was like, "yeah!" (but a little disappointed)
marcus: What?
me: 'cause that's not really what she's there for
marcus: Ah
me: i mean, when she was painted or drawn or whatever, it was meant to recruit women to work
me: which was good for women, because before they just sat around in their house
me: BUT
me: almost all of the women portrayed in these ads were taken in a fashion that made them their bodies were more important than the work that they did
me: and even in the phrasing of the newspapers!
me: one newspaper article read something along the lines of (and this is from my history book) "Plane repairwoman so-and-so throws around those wrenches as if they were biscuits!"
me: only it wasn't wrenches, it was some heavy piece of machinery
me: (something not at all like a biscuit)
me: and it's just sad
me: but the result was that women didn't want to leave the workforce
me: once any given group of people gain rights they didn't have before, they're not going to let go of them!
me: there was my feminist ramble. i love rosie.
me: (and not for her boobs, lol)
me: she has a sparkle in her eye
me: she is no one's bitch
me: so yeah
marcus: *licks waist line*
me: haha
me: mmm...
me: you know my panties are off, right?
marcus: Orly?
me: Rly.
marcus: And why is that?
me: why do you think?
marcus: I don't know
me: it's more fun that way
marcus: What's more fun?
me: eh, chatting
me: :-*
me: ha
marcus: lolz
me: wouldn't you agree?
marcus: Yes
marcus: Except I have company
me: oi
me: okay then
marcus: *licks lower*
me: *clinches*
me: who's company?
me: well, i have to go be productive
me: mwah
marcus: Rachel, randy, aaron, kim, ken and i
me: wow, quite a bunch
me: have fun
marcus: Okie dokie
me: bye bye
marcus: Keep your panties off
me: hehe...okaaay
me: if you insist
me: :D
marcus: And I do
me: alright then!
marcus: Heehee

- monday, Dec. 11, 2006


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