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today i worked again. i worked seven days in a row last week, and i'm working seven more in a row this week. that's 14 days of not having a day off, if your math is bad.

at least i'm getting hours! i need all the dough i can get, if i'm to support myself next semester. i counted that i will probably work about 93 hours during these three weeks, which amounts to about $500 after taxes are taken out.

i'm eager to see if my pay will be 6 or 6.50 per hour. i think perhaps wages may have changed since i last worked for this company, since one of my co-workers says he makes 6. he was surprised to hear that i made 6.50 last summer...then again, he's a minor, and i'm over 18. this difference in age might make a difference. or maybe it's 'cause i'm white! nah, and thank goodness.

eating: life cereal
listening to: new found glory's "Doubt Full," but my iTunes player is on randomize right now.
drinking: agua

i'm tired of listening to fake music. at the store, i only hear fakish 80s crap, and when i'm at home, i'm stuck on the sims 2 pets.

ray called me yesterday, and i decided to play the game instead of picking up. i didn't feel like letting him depress me.

as for reading, i have done little over the break. i suppose that's what they're for, but i still wish i had time to do more reading for pleasure.

i need to figure out how to put my own mp3 songs into the stereos of my sims. can't be too hard.

did i mention that i got a guitar for Christmas? dad was the LAST customer in our local H&H that closed down somewhat recently, and bought a coronet. he didn't tell me this, but i'm sure that's where he bought my guitar-in-a-box. i didn't ask for the thing, he just decided on it for me. mom is angry at him for giving me an expensive gift that i didn't even ask for, and probably thinks he is pressuring me to play the guitar. maybe he is, but hell, i'm interested in learning to play the guitar!

now, will i have time to attempt such a feat? probably not. i don't even know if i'll take it to school with me or not, but i know dad wants me to. I HAVE NO ROOM IN MY ROOM. MY NEW ROOMMATE IS GOING TO KILL ME, no doubt.

as a side note, grandpa was under the impression that the cruise was spent...mostly on the cruise ship. of course, a huge part of cruising is the excursions, many of which are very expensive indeed. he never accounted for or expected these expenses...i'm wondering if all excursions will be out of our own pocket, in which case i probably won't get to go on any, let alone parasailing. boo! oh well, we'll see. i'm thankful that we are going on a cruise at all, really. we are an incredibly lucky bunch.

...and grandma is now prodding grandpa to have everyone go to new york to see a broadway play for her 70th birthday. naturally, i adore this idea even more than the cruise, but i will let her do all the prodding, as she is his wife. i'm not one to push people into spending thousands of dollars!

speaking of the cruise, i have just remembered that i need to bring a notebook along to record my memories, adventures, et cetera.

i have this foggy, impossible dream that i'll find a casual make out buddy. that won't happen...too risky. there are a whopping 16 of us on this cruise, and though the boat is gigantic, i would probably get caught. and going into a stranger's room is far too risky, i don't want to be raped and killed. i can just see my grandma peeking around a corner to see her dear little granddaughter *gasp* macking on some stranger. and if aunt ruth is cruising with us, and i'm with a random jamaican?!


(my aunt ruth is such a racist.)

- thursday, Dec. 28, 2006


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