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The Foggiest

The air was so foggy this morning I could have danced naked in front of my window!

Other than that, liftoff for H-town occurs today. I will work for Subway for three weeks because my manager has allowed me to come back for that long, something I am hyped up about. This will show mom I care. Of course I care, but jobs show her.

Next time I am in this dorm room, it will be 2007.

It. Will. Happen.

Je suis determinee! I have no idea if "determinee" means "determined" in english or not! FRANGLAIS!

(A more exciting post involving the parentals to follow, but I need to write it on van der bus first).

And...I hate it when xanga eats my post. Xanga is obese, I'm convinced.

10:32 pm - Friday, Dec. 15, 2006


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