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just beat it! (teh bookstore)

Isn't it funny how the one you like never likes you, and the one who likes you is never to your liking, at least not in a romantic sense?

A guy in the bookstore caught my eye the other day...

Tall, a bit chubby, and wearing the typical variant of the sexy indie librarian glasses. I've spoken with him before, last semester. I remember asking him if he went to University, but no. But no matter.

I am my typical incredishy self on this particular day because of his presence, but when I reach the register, a thin, lovely, indian guy rings up my books instead. I never noticed him before, but he tells me I have beautiful eyes, and I smile and say thanks, only briefly looking back at him. If I had used a few more percentiles of my brain, I would have flirted back at such an opportune time; how frustrating that I did not even think to because of emo boy in the back of my (now surely hollow) skull.

I have no more books to buy this semester, only a wish for a reason to go to the bookstore. I have no idea what I would say, or who would be on duty, or what would transpire, but like most girls, I appreciate the flattery from time to time, whether it's a polite gesture to a sad-looking face or a genuine compliment on the eyes.

So, thanks.

- Wednesday, Jan. 24, 2007


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