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a wedding and abundance/ENTRY 500!

jimmy got married on jan 25. that would be...last thursday.


i think i'm still in denial. he can still go far, and i believe he will. but now i just...


i really wonder. how do you quit a pot habit when your spouse is the one who introduced it to you in the first place? when IT is what made you give up an $80K scholarship and your college career at the moment? how? he had so much life!

i'm convinced he has some left over, that he can recover.

i'm so confused. he is not the sweet 14-year-old that i had a crush on at age 16. i need to become accustomed to this idea.

i wonder if the rest of the family knows he's married. good ol' facebook, that's what gives me this info.


anymore i feel like a stranger when i'm social. people all around me are so different. i'm not being specific.

what i mean is that i learned today that my roommate has used:

-plenty of alcohol--to the point of throwing up blood, and being hospitalized

she has also had her stomach pumped twice. wow, the roomie lottery hit upon something this time around, didn't it?

she also said this the other day to a friend on the phone:

"A soul is as useful as an asshole on your elbow."

However, she does know a lot about sex, and enjoys telling people all about it, even people like me. I'm also happy that she told her virgin friend that it's okay to be a virgin. it's good of her not to think she's better for her abundance of experience.

2:11 am - Monday, Jan. 29, 2007


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