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Fact: I will never get a boyfriend hanging out with Abby.

Fact: I don't care.

Reason: She is much prettier than I am.

Reason: I'm not looking.


I wish women didn't focus so much on their appearances, that they did not just assume that looks are all a man cares about. Abby thinks the lookers always get the guys, so does Tania, and so do others. Thing is, Abby and Tania are my closest friends right now. I need to stay strong for myself, to believe what I must believe--that outward beauty isn't everything.

Abby astounds me with her wit and knowledge, she could have an incredibly ugly exterior and still be the most attractive person in the room. Truly. I'm not shitting you!

I'm sorry that she feels she must change herself, her persona, at parties and such. I dubbed it her "Party Persona" in our conversation.

Then again, we all have multiple personalities. We wouldn't greet our elders with a hearty, "Whaaaaassaaaaaap?!" in our wildest dreams. So everyone has other lives.

Listening to: Jimmy Eat World's Futures. I'm still dissapointed I can't find my copy of their first album...

Yesterday I ordered Tiff's Treats. Mom doesn't like that. What she doesn't know can indeed hurt her, but I'm not feeling revealing at the moment. I'm learning slowly but surely that it is in one's best interest not to tell her EVERYTHING. Should not have told her about the Travesty party...but hey, at least now I know. Not that I'm regretting quitting, no, I've just learned to leave out bits, here and there.

"There goes my hero, watch him as he falls." - I love this song, but what is it?

9:34 pm - Sunday, Feb. 04, 2007


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