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i figured after so long of senseless gabbing about MM, it would be nice if i posted a picture of him. don't hate, i think he's cute. :)

still no call back, but i texted him a message containing only a question mark. answer your phone calls, dude.

aside from that, i found this cool website which allows you to search for your name (first and last) to see how many other people in the US have that name. here's the URL:

aside from that, i realized that THE REASON WHY jeff wanted to be in the Fiction class was because he thought that was one of my classes. on facebook i had posted that i was in fiction by accident, when really i'm taking poetry. the two classes share a course number, but not a section number. oi. so that's why he mentioned fiction, and trying to get into it...of course i could be wrong, but i highly doubt it. i'm so happy i realized this. lesson learned: go change your facebook profile and do not include your classes until halfway through the semester when no one can transfer in to your class.

bad writing today, i know, but i'm rushing right now, i have no time.

4:37 pm - Sunday, Feb. 18, 2007


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