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"massive ass" is one of the rudest phrases I think I've ever heard! oh, but i love my roomie. i'm thankful she spoke with me tonight, i was starting to resent her.

why? why, when i think my roommie is pretty much the shiznit, would i begin to resent her?

she's in love with gossip, which is something that i have none of. she's dramatic, and she has people to be dramatic about. she has three men knocking on her door, and she manages to juggle them all.

"I'm going to sleep/with the next person I meet." - The Format

I called MM back yesterday. We talked for three minutes. I stressed for hours over a stupid little 3-minute conversation. He was eating and watching cartoons while he talked to me.

Today I unblocked him on AIM and chatted with him for the first time since mid december. I mentioned that my roommate would be gone this invitation, no nothing. He doesn't want me for anything. I don't know what I expected. I'm tired and I want someone to talk to when I'm awake at this hour.

And dammit I'm 20. Not 15.

3:01 am - Wednesday, Feb. 21, 2007


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