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so i suppose i've taken to thinking less of tania. i am no better than her. we're both animals and what's scary is that i don't care, i continue in my strange ways that

are everyone's ways.

thanks, ray. you were so nice to me that one night that i was so crazy stressed about my music final.

"God is gonna get sick of me." - Aberdeen City

(that was my emo post)


i don't want to prod marcus about making out ever again. it is clear that he doesn't want that crap, and i don't suppose i should be asking for it, anyway. as i learned today in biology, the male follows the female around. that's all. SHE is the decision maker. SHE decides whether or not HE is good enough, not the other way around.


i'm glad that i'm at least subtle when i'm mean. then again, some people prefer the outright outrage, like abby. i didn't tell jeff openly that we weren't really friends

because initially i wondered if it was possible to chum around.


tania and i are both living on just the edge of life. dangerous happenings only occur here, do they not? i hate confrontations as much as the next person. then again,

confrontation makes us stronger.


oh and by the way, i hate aim. no, really. it manages to screw everyone over at some point.

aim is far from revolutionary. i would rather connect with someone halfway around the world over the internet than chat with the people i know in person. only drama is

extracted from that. aim hurts everyone eventually.

4:24 pm - Friday, Feb. 23, 2007


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