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to say hi--yeah, right

sometimes i make myself sick. like now, when i have loads of homework and other things requiring finishing, and i'm having trouble just starting.

i'm also sick of this skin because i'm down to thirty dollars in my pocketbook, i have lots of laundry, i was rejected again by a david (not the same david as before, though), and i want to prod marcus to see if he will make out with me, but i'm afraid of the boy rejecting me yet again.

abby seems to think i should just go for it, but i don't know. his reason back in november for not wanting to swap spit anymore was that he "didn't want me to get too attached," an answer i now know is bullshit.

bull. shit.

that is the same as danny's "Don't be devastated" comment to tania. THAT is saying he is SO sexy and SO irresistible that i couldn't HELP falling in love with him.

abby's theory is that when guys pull this crap, it is really they who are worried about hurting, not the girl. hmmm...and see, i don't want to cause the boy any pain.

she thinks i should just go for it, and so does my body. my brain is working overtime trying to devine which option is best. will karma get me?

okay, i'm going to go download AIM. by the way, i unblocked him. i can't believe i unblocked him. i can't believe he called me. i can't believe he called me to "just say hi."

8:13 pm - Saturday, Feb. 24, 2007


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