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Barb...that was the name I took in Cozumel, that place where everything that happens remains...

I hope I can see Guster in April--the 6th, or Dad's b-day. Tickets cost only twenty bucks plus four more for processing!

I'm exhausted and eating egg rolls and cookies for lunch. I have got to stop this crap.

I suppose I could write again about my fears for the whole Pennebaker experiment. I am waiting to get a hold of a laptop, I might as well be deep and introspective.

I skipped class today, two of them. Perhaps I should simply drop Biology. I hope he would understand...but no, I shouldn't. I can do this, I can make it. My success is not just a matter of cutting off most fun, it's about doing school as much as possible. I take it back; I am not exhausted. I can and will and do and take this shit. I'm all about the future, now. I must get out of college, this one, and with a degree in J.


Like it? I did, too.

My old writing prof at utsa sent me his letter of recc. overnight this afternoon, so the compliment should arrive tommorow, in time for Wednesday's deadline.

If only I had made a C or higher in my intro to J course last semester...but now is not a time for "if onlys." Now is crunch time.

This morning my roommate returned from her weekend excursion to S. Padre Island. She has been sleeping over since, and because I cannot seem to stay awake when she is knocked out, I shall nap as well.

Good day. :)

6:05 pm - monday, feb. 26, 2007


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