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red lizard gorgeousness! hurrah!

I walked to the drugstore today to look for two items. I remembered the first--paper plates--but the second was lost on me, thanks to a cute cashier.

He passed by and asked what I was looking for, and I told him I had forgotten. This time I was telling the truth, not being a ditzy forgetful girl just for him.


She joined him in bed, curling up close to his body. Her head rested upon his shoulder, her arm draped across his chest, her legs intertwined with his, and his arms pulled her to him. He gazed down at her, and when she noticed, she looked back into his eyes. He smiled and kissed her on the mouth. She looked forward to this intimacy during the work day, to cuddling with him and speaking softly in the dark. Laying in his arms she was perfectly contented, quieted, and at ease. She longed for the time when she would be back there, buried in his shoulder again, falling asleep comforted in his embrace. He was the best sleep aid she had ever tried. "Goodnight," he would say, and gently kiss her forehead. "I love you."

(there's my cheesy, half-awake description of what my inner girlie wants right now)


so today i wore my new dress and new red lipstick (called red lizard, c/o NARS) and was referred to as "babe," "hun," and best of all, "gorgeous." :D

next time i hope it's from a man instead of a woman!

- monday, Mar. 19, 2007


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