backyard crowing


Overheard my roommate's boyfriend breaking up with her on the phone

Lord God please help her
To be strong
To feel better
To have peace
To renew
To breathe
Please help her Lord
To have faith that life will improve
To know that she won't always feel this low
That she's special
That she's deserving of a guy who wants to go out with her
A guy who treats her like a lady
Please help me to understand why she ignores me and turns to Anita for comfort instead
Please help me to be gentle and patient during this extremely difficult time
Even though she makes me angry
Lord show me how to love her
Please show her how unique and wonderful she really is
Please show her this is not the end
Please love her
Please be so present in her life that she finds it impossible to deny your existence

8:19 pm - Wednesday, Mar. 21, 2007


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