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I spoke to my RA. Would you leave her if she were your roommie?

My roommate:

-ignores me

-doesn't include me

-calls someone who she knows is my friend "thunder thighs" in front of me deliberately to piss me off

-throws things during her temper tantrums, curses loudly, and bangs on her computer

-didn't return my text message, when I know she has text messaging

-when I called to check up on her and make sure she wasn't dead, she talked to me like I was crazy and didn't even thank me

-is loud and disturbs our neighbors, who she knows are my friends -- they come knocking and ask us politely to be quieter -- she curses at them through the wall and turns her music up super loudly before turning it back down again, just before they come knocking a second time

-she is angry when she tries to sleep and they are loud, yet she doesn't approach them about their loudness, she simply becomes angry about it

I realize she had a rough upbringing, but that still doesn't mean I should allow her to treat me badly. I deserve better.

1:06 am - Thursday, Mar. 22, 2007


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