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Denise's Boy Trouble

So tonight I have a neighbor, Denise, who has a boy who chases her, Kenneth, but she also has zero interest in him. They had a date on the infamous V-Day, a particularly romantic one, I might add (red roses, Italian food, a taxi, and olive oil drizzled in the shape of a heart by freak accident), and now she cannot get rid of a sweet but overly attached man who is not her boyfriend. She and her friends are participating in a night without direction this evening, likely including clubbing, and he appeared, uninvited. I went to her room, and he was there, glumly watching as she and her roommate dolled up. I helped the girls fix their hair and chatted with them, and when he walked out to give them a moment to change, Denise told me of his unexpected arrival. He simply showed up, and now for some strange reason hes going clubbing with the gangon her night out with the girls. She has a sympathetic heart, and decided to just make the best of the situation.

What would you do? he cant pull this kind of crap forever, you know.

At the same time, Im not for cruelty. If I found myself in her boots I believe I would let it slide and try to enjoy the night regardless of his presence.

I hope for her sake that he realizes what hes doing, how she honestly feels about him, and can move on without cramping her style or causing himself large amounts of pain.

- friday, Mar. 23, 2007


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