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on july 5 of last year, i wrote this poem but never posted it, so i will do so now:


how do i make you understand?
how do i sit you on my lap and tell you everything?
how do i give you the glasses, rose or blue,
or any other hue?
how do i fit you in my shoes?

how do you cry my tears?
how do you lend your ears?
how can i make you see?
how do i reveal all?
how do you break my fall?
how can you rescue what's inside me?
how can you read this?
how can i let you read this?

how do i capture your attention?
how can i get you to stop gawking?
how do i reach out to the audience
and touch them, each and every one?
how do they know it's me?
how can they believe?
how can they feel me--but not me, themselves?

how can you know that i am you
and you are i?
how can we level out?
how do you see us?
how do you see two?
how can i show you it's we,
us, one--

not you, nor i,
but the whole stretch of humanity?


tell me,


- sunday, Mar. 25, 2007


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