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I feel obliged to mention the "Oh shit" moments of last Saturday, AKA the day that Little Richard came to my university to sing about how it's only rock 'n' roll, but he likes it.

I went with Abby about two hours earlier (try 4 pm when the concert started at 6:30) just to find a standing space thisclose to where the beautiful man would sit his bony ass down.

I apologize for sounding mean...

Anyhow, we were sitting in front of the tower when we saw a group of guys playing a GIANT homemade Jenga set created from boards. One of them was a guy I knew from my floor last year, Brandon, and I did not say hello since he was paying close attention to the game. We moved to chill elsewhere, and she pointed out a guy who she thought was cute...and naturally, with his intense eyes, it was Brandon. I told her everything I knew about him:

1. he dated my old neighbor Emily (that's already a taboo name for Abby, since her ex left her and went for an 'Emily'...stupid Emilys...)
2. he has a good sense of humor, and can keep a straight face while telling a hilarious joke
3. I once danced "dirty" with him at Austin's ghetto club, Spyro's, with the rest of our floor...this was before he started dating Emily and I had a small thing for him
4. he was really cute

Clearly, I have lost touch with Brandon over the months. Next thing I know: another girl from that year and that floor, Kate, walks up to Abby and I, accompanied by Andy. I met Andy through Abby, and he knows EVERYONE. His facebook profile shows that he knows some 836 students at THIS uni alone. Kate chats me up while Andy entertains Abby, and I learn about the recent misbehavior of Brandon the Evil. Apparently the man cheated on Emily with none other than Robson's ex-girlfriend, a girl named Sam. He also threatened to kill Emily's family, so there ends my good impression of Brandon, just minutes after I talked him up to my admiring friend Abby.

After Kate and Andy left I naturally told Abby, what a short relationship THAT was! There was not even time to begin!

About an hour later Abby told me that Brandon was sitting right behind me, and so I said, "Really?" And so yes, yes really. Then he said "Hi," and I said, "Oh, shit!"

This was the first "Oh shit" moment I had that day, and I believe he was shocked to hear such a word come out of my mouth, because he said I "must have been really surprised." We talked briefly and awkwardly, and I introduced Abby to him.

Later I noticed a girl who looked much like a blonde named Sam who I know once dated Robson. He gets around quite a bit, that Robson! Anyhow, I realized that I had talked about him, and possibly her, right in front of her. Oh, well. There was no way to know for sure, until I got my pictures of that day developed and noticed that she was doing Jenga with Brandon...I had taken a picture of one of my ex's ex's without even knowing, does he date! Anyhow, I don't think I hurt anyone. I mean, she didn't approach me/beat me up/etc., and for all I know she never heard me.


...I found my hot TA on facebook! He goes to UCLA, but he's here this semester to be a grad student/TA our class. He's unbelievably cute, I can hardly stand it. I admire him because he's knowledgable about music...(i trailed off here and can't remember what i was writing)


I'm worried that in new york i won't have any "real" friends, no people i regularly hang out with and enjoy, no abbys.

i don't have the time to worry about my future self now though, my biology test on friday is much more important.

good night!

- tuesday, March 27, 2007


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