backyard crowing


j-e-l-l-o! it's ALIVE!

I just riffed on women's independence like mad on xanga, and damn, it feels good. Writing is truly therapeutic. (Will hopefully post that later.)

Talked to dad today. Maybe I'll be an English teacher after all, we'll see. I'm exhausted, so good night.


I looked in the mirror earlier and pictured myself as an english teacher. I could see myself that way...I just don't want to do it in Texas, which is probably all I could be certified for here. I want to be a journalist; teaching english is my fallback plan if that never works out.


Forgive me, as I am about to sound exactly like a college student.

I'm getting tipsy with my neighbor on friday 'cause it's her birthday! Yeah-yuh!

(she's 18 and I am 20, but she has the good fortune of connections...fortunately, she is generous!)

The poison? Jell-o shots.

I've never had a shot but always wanted to, because they get you drunk faster and don't have so many calories.


"My mother was of the sky
My father was of the earth
But I am of the universe"

--Yer Blues, The Beatles

- sunday, Apr. 8, 2007


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