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me and the major don't see eye to eye

Anymore I am starting to believe that maybe part of the reason we are wild, curse, shock, listen to "offensive" music, become drunk, sleep with anyone we pass on Saturday night --

Maybe part of the reason we are like this is because we are bored.


Maybe the only reason I want to be a journalism major is so that I can fit in somewhere, so that I can have a place to belong and a specific career to follow. Maybe I'm just afraid of the possibilities that might lay before me if I chose some other major. Maybe I'm just looking for security.

No, there is more to me and my major than that.


i don't understand why i'm so conflicted.

i'll never know my roommate again. we will likely never see each other again after this. i WANT to get along with her. i WANT to acknowledge her presence. i hate ignoring a person; it's difficult for me. i'm too nice, i am far too nice.

even though she doesn't deserve my niceness, i suppose i should give it to her anyway. that's what God would do.

how do you be God?

6:31 pm - Thursday, Apr. 12, 2007


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