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In honor of my fellow blogger Brett, and telling strangers about all of one's transgressions online, I've decided to make a list of some of my dumb moves. Here goes:

-I have kicked my dog when I was angry at my mother

-I have asked God to damn my mother

-I have spent too much money on food that is expensive rather than eating in the cafeteria, which is much cheaper (this money is my parents')

-I randomly made out with a guy, and I'm planning to do it again this weekend (ok, so that doesn't mean "random," but it DOES mean "meaningless")

-It's likely that I won't be a virgin when I walk down the aisle after all...I have a feeling I am just too curious

-I will probably fail at getting into the College of Communication

-Shit is going down this Summer

-I have a credit card, and my mother doesn't know about it because she would have a heart attack if I told her--she has forbidden cards

-I lie to my dad about how often I use the bike he gave me (I haven't ridden it once this semester--infact, I gave my neighbor the keys, so it's basically hers for the rest of the semester)

-I don't deserve much leniency in my schoolwork, but I ask professors for it

-I binge

-I hate my mother most of the time, and "it" is only her fault for some of that time

-I drink, and I'm not 21 (I don't see this as an issue, but mom's head pops off if she learns that I have been drinking)

Damn. I suck.

So, here's why I rock:

-I am trying hard at school, most of the time.

-I am good to people

-I am not conniving

-I am still writing. Whether or not I have talent is not for me nor anyone else to say. But, I am still writing, and sometimes that is all that matters.

-If I transfer to another school next year, I will be able to adjust. I will make the most out of the situation given me.

-Even if it kills, it won't kill me, I won't let it kill me.

-I am flexible, and I adapt. I persevere. My parents divorced, I survived. If I can live through that, I can live thorough this.

-I know what it is like to have one's dreams go up in smoke, and therefore I have built up some character in the past few years. My dad told me once that we learn the most from our failures, not our successes. So, I suppose I have some wisdom there.

-I am good at not hurting people...maybe too good, but this is the "why I rock" list, to I'm tryin' to keep it positive.

-I can say 'no' to a guy

-I wouldn't stay with a guy if he cheated on me--I wouldn't 'stay together for the kids'

-I am usually slow to anger

-I apologize. Not every time, and not as much as I probably should, but I still apologize. Latest example: the roommate. I could have just let the two of us room in uncomfortable silence for the next month. But no, I apologized. I didn't let the semester end with the two of us mad at each other. Now if I see her on the street, I can wave and we are genuinely friends. She's a bit of a crazymaker, yes, but she doesn't deserve to be ignored, which was what I did for about a week and a half.

-I would make a good English teacher, or so people say. Whether they know this or not is tough to devine...I don't know that I'm entirely sure of what the characteristics of a 'good English teacher' are, nor do I know if I want to be in that crowd. Maybe.

-I have a diverse taste in music

-I won't make fun of you

-I will listen to you, most of the time

-I probably won't yell at you

-If I know you really well, I will make an extra effort to make your birthday special (abby)

-I'm kooky/goofy

-I don't ever want to date another Engineering major. They're too pedantic, and they're not into kooky/goofy me. I don't care what they say, they will still think that a joking me is stupid, and I will probably take offense.

-I'm fiercely independent. I have been to concerts, the movies, the gym, the pool, and restaurants all by myself, because it's who I am. I don't need other people to have fun.

-I am not keen on any guy who doesn't have the balls to clearly ask me out. I will just give up on said guy. If you want me, you need to get off your ass and come get me! :D

-(Thanks, Greg Beherendt!)

-I am smart enough to stop writing this and go do my homework now

- tuesday, Apr. 24, 2007


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