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a few standards

I want a guy who:

-wants me

-wants to have sex with me

-is ok with waiting till marriage to have sex, but also ok with not waiting


-listens to me

-respects me

-wants to protect me

-will enjoy cuddling, and will not jump up quickly after a cuddling session

-will introduce me to new music, and who will be open to my music--even enthusiastic about some of it

-*hopefully, but not a must* knows more about music than I do

-will not cheat (and that means no touching--flirting is ok as long as it's not in front of me and I don't hear about it later--everybody does a little innocent flirting from time to time)

-will do his absolute best not to look up if an attractive woman walks in the room while he's with me

-will NOT look at porn

-only smokes on occasion, at most (i don't consider smoking hookah every two weeks or so a big deal, but if you smoke with your co-workers everyday and "socially," then that becomes a nasty home habit quickly)

-oh yeah, and hard drugs are out--i don't much care what he does before he meets me, as long as he doesn't do anything illegal when we're in a committed relationship--I won't have a boyfriend ODing on me and making me prepare a funeral speech

-will kiss me on the forehead

-will have fun making up cheesy (and
some dirty!) pet names

-will be a fun dance partner and not take it too seriously--a guy who will make me feel at ease on a dance floor whether it's his thing or not (is that too demanding? time I don't think dancing will matter to me much!)

-will love me (duh)

-will make time for me and any offspring we may have

-will want at least one kid

-will be a truly loving father

-will be willing to sort out our differences

-will apologize when he is wrong

-will keep me in check, too

-will be someone I can admire, respect, trust, and rely on

-will be a shoulder to cry on when life goes awry. I don't want him to run just because I am in tears, or tell me to go talk to someone else about my problems. I want a guy that has the balls to be there for me when I need him. This is one way in which my father has failed me. He doesn't know how to deal with a crying daughter. It's okay if my guy just sits there and listens to me while I am crying--he doesn't have to say anything awesome or amazing. Sometimes no words--or very few words, at least--can help ease the pain of a broken person. In those situations, just the presence of a friend (or husband, as I am saying now) are what matters.


so sam and monica are no longer my friends on facebook...ooooookaaaaaaay...

i usually say 'hi' when i see them. i'm courteous. no, i don't know them that well, but we both hung with the same friend group, didn't we?

i think i'll list who i've blocked, to see if i'm any worse/better:

1. tania, my roommate. she deserves to be blocked.
2. katie, a girl who i haven't seen in ages and who was always extremely stuck up. i was probably jealous of her good looks, good french, and money. she happened to have red hair (*squirm*) and didn't care about men, who were all over her. she corrected people's french all of the time, and acted like an absolute teacher's pet slash annoying thing that doesn't shut up. she thought she was so cute...and she was. she just wasn't my type. ;)
3. cassidy, another girl who i haven't seen in ages and who was part of the whole french play experience. she stole my good roommate's ring and didn't give it back. that ring was from my roommate's grandfather, who DIED that semester. bitch.
4. *paloa, yet another girl from the french play. i saw her a few days ago and when she greeted me with a smile, it accompanied a wrinkle in her nose. a really evident, ugly wrinkle. the other day i got to thinking about it and decided that a girl who thinks i am so disgusting shouldn't be able to locate me online.
5. amy, another queen of wrinkled noses. only back in high school, i had the nerve and immaturity to do it right back at her. the day i tried it she said, "why are you wrinkling your nose at me?" so I asked of her the same question, and she was none to happy about it. amy thought she was my mother in high school.

i don't need another mother.



conclusion: the people i have blocked are all for good reasons. except maybe *paloa, she's iffy. but honestly, who would want to acknowledge a person who was so fake to them? i am now better than sam and monica, thank you very much. :)

(i don't care THAT much!)

*paloa's name is super unique, so it's changed in this entry

12:20 am - Saturday, May. 12, 2007


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