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I just re-read my last xanga post, which was about a month ago, and I cannot stop laughing.

My, how life has changed since then! In only about a month's worth of time, I got a job at Pizza Hut, quit it, got a job at Kroger, quit it, got a job at Subway, went to a family reunion, turned 21, got drunk for the first time, thought I had an std, found out I didn't, and started my online course in fiction. Whew. 21-hood is proving to be quite the time for drama. oh yeah, and I saw "Knocked Up" with dad for father's day. I love weird memories like that!

But what's really interesting is the dream I had two nights ago. I was on a killing squad with about 15 other people (one was my father) and we had some sort of magical powers--but only so much ability to use them, like hit points in a video game. Our team was in a cylindrical building with positively enormous ceilings. Picture a skyscraper with only the bottom story filled. We gathered at the top and talked amongst ourselves, planning the attack. The building was an extravagant restaurant with rich people everywhere, some of whom carried large gold objects that looked like honeycombs or four leaf clovers. These were essentially gold bars, some sort of currency, and they brought them to the dinner to show off their wealth. When the team talked, we planned to fly (magically) from the ceilings gradually down to the floor, and we were instructed to avoid the magic carpet that was circling the builing. Apparently this carpet could harm us, because it was a good force. We didn't want to get swept away on it. After we had almost reached the bottom, we were supposed to start a countdown, and once that had finished, we were to shoot everyone in the restaurant. When we started flying down, I had to be quite careful not to let the magic carpet get me. Once we had landed, the carpet wouldn't be a problem. I noticed that I was having more trouble flying than the rest of our team, and realized that I was trying too hard with one kind of magical power, and that had I used a different power, I could have floated down much easily, like the rest of the team. The people in the restaurant looked up at us amazed, but most of them didn't run, because they didn't know what was about to happen. A leader of the group said some words, but I can't remember what they were now...

I hit the ground first, and I felt nervous about this. I also started shooting people first, because of my nervousness, but only by a count or two. At the time that I started, most of our team was on the ground or just about to land. We shot lots of people, and we chased them down halls surrounding the cylinder. I killed some of my family members. I'm pretty sure I killed an uncle and an aunt of mine. I saw my paternal grandparents running away from me, and I could have shot them, but I decided not to. Instead I got busy shooting other people. After a while, the place was empty except for our team and perhaps a few others who we spared for some reason. Our plan was to hang out in the building for quite a while--a couple of hours, maybe--and enjoy the little shops and foods that now belonged to us. However, we were also warned strictly by our leader not to take too much or steal anything, lest we get caught. We weren't sure exactly what we could and couldn't do, and we were frustrated by this confusion. I now wonder why we were so worried about being caught, because sticking around the scene sure wouldn't help matters. Right?

Anyway, after that we rose to the ceiling again and found ourselves on top of the building, outside. We all held hands and flew from building top to building top. It was a very free feeling, yet I also felt nervous that we wouldn't have enough momentum, and that we wouldn't make it to that next building eventually. After some skyscraper hopping, we leapt down and found a little house. For some reason, we had trouble getting to the house. We had to go through a sort of obstacle course involving climbing to reach the house. The house was not terribly far from the restaurant, but we thought that because of the obstacles, we would be impossible to locate. Once we reached the house, I realized that one of my teammates (a girl) was a cousin of mine who I had never met. We were in the kitchen talking about something, and I felt that I did not trust her. I then wondered why I killed some of my family members and left some others alive, ones that I didn't even know were related to me.

Then I finally woke up! Oi. The dream doesn't disturb me, because my dreams are usually violent. I was calm throughout most of the dream, and I was calm when I awoke. I'm writing it down because that's what I try to do when I dream...

9:39 pm - thursday, June 28, 2007


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