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Bastard Girl

I think this is more of a rhyme than a true poem. "Inspired" by the musical "Dreamgirls," which I saw recently.

(And no, this isn't exactly the date on which I wrote this poem, but this summer has been somewhat nuts...)


Bastard Girl

One night,
One afternoon,
In june--
This burden, baby's
Just too soon.

You cried out that night,
You shout--
Like her,
You know.
And now
You know,
We're three,
You see,
My love?
My dear?
A family.

Yet nothing's sure.
I see you, sir,
But only in my dreams,
And sure,
You're perfect there,
A cozy chair!
Still, parting's cruel pain
To bear.
Next time you go walking, cher,
You stop,
And think,
And wonder,

You'll never see her sparkling eyes
That glint in green upon surprise.
She has a father, somewhere far,
In family trees:
A hidden scar.
The teachers
Give her dirty looks,
Your bastard girl
Will write their books.

- monday, Jul. 2, 2007


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