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Colin is good

I donít know what I miss right now, or if i miss anything. This is good, because Marcus is bad. Yes, Marcus is bad.

Iím listening to Jonathan Coulton, recommended to me by my friend Colin. Iím listening to ďIím Having A Party.Ē Iím also wondering if I should tell him that Iím the one who wrote in his Honesty Box? I think I will...

My note to him:
You are hilarious and genuine! Rock on, Colin!

His reply:
Thanks! If you tell me who you are, you get a custom mix CD made by me and a cookie!

Ah, so I think Iíll tell him, since Iím brutally honest.

Whatís the worst that could happen?

I am still in the process of figuring out a witty reply that includes something to the extent of ďdonít worry about the CD and cookie.Ē I am interested to see what he would put on said CD, but the fact is, I havenít seen him in more than two years, and I only knew him for two weekends anyway. Would he get creeped out? I wonder what Lysie would say to all of this. Sheís the one who introduced us, and at the time, he was her friend and ex, and a boy that was to be paired with our other friend, Leia. The Leia and Colin pairing didnít work out, but I canít remember why...and anyway, now Leia isnít friends with Lysie anymore, and Iím not sure why. They were once roommies, but Leia moved out for some reason.

By the way, if Julie is reading this, are you engaged? If so, congratulations! :)

9:32 pm - Monday, Jul. 23, 2007


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