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A funny from blueperspex’s 101 Things:

"I lost my virginity when I was 17… much to the distress of my mother. Hehe. Although I gave her 5 years to ponder the thought before I actually broke the news."


I can't sleep. I have work in 6 hours. Arrrrrrgggggg......

Lots of thoughts. Horny thoughts.

Okay, goodnight already.

Also, dad and i went to ihop last night. Boring, and we talked about geography for a bit. Ug. He won't quit on his geography ramblings.

Since he quizzed me on geography, I quizzed him on modern music.


Example: Why are the Kings of Convenience called the Kings of Convenience?

Answer: Because they consist of two guys plus two acoustic guitars, the Kings of Convenience have the luxury of being able to rehearse damn near ANYWHERE. Thus, the name 'Kings of Convenience' was born.

Example of one of his geography questions:

"Name the five oceans."

Answer: There are only four, and they are as follows:


There aren't anymore, are there? That's the conclusion we came to, anyway.

3:59 am - Monday, Jul. 23, 2007


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