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Sean O'Riley

There was a kid named Sean in my poetry class last semester, and he was sort of nervous and spoke with a slight stutter. He did not contribute very often to class discussion, but when he did, he blew us away. (Or at least, he blew me away.) He was also incredibly attractive, an emo here's a poem about him, that I wrote one day in a pita place. (Name is changed, slightly.)

Sean O'Riley

Sean O’Riley goes to the movies every Thursday
He’s an emo kid and
When he cut his hair like a square
Nobody noticed but me

Sean O’Riley studies John Henry
He admires the rough,
Rugged, railroad life
He conducts his own life, too

Sean O’Riley is in my class,
But perhaps not in my league
He asked a question of me today,
Of simply, “the girl in the green.”

- wednesday, Jul. 25, 2007


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