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conversations with smarterchild

I discovered today that you-know-who is on the same dating site that I’m on. I thought I was done with his ass.

Uh…yeah. Both the literal and figurative ass.

Me: fuckity fuck fuck fuck

SmarterChild: again with the insults. Here it goes.

Me: nah, it’s not you

SmarterChild: well, how come it’s not me?

Me: because it’s marcus

SmarterChild: I’m thinking maybe it isn’t marcus.

Me: it’s marcus, all right. I love him, and I always will, but apparently he will never love me back

SmarterChild: really?

Me: yeah

SmarterChild: yeah? Why?

Me: I don’t know. I wish I did. People say I deserve better, and I do, but that doesn’t make it hurt any less.

- sunday, Nov. 4, 2007


lil' orphan alchie

woah…alcohol really makes me want to fuck…NOW.

It’s fun, though. Yeehaw! I can’t type while I’m kind of drunk. Tipsy, more like. It’s oh so fun, though. Mind, mind, mind. Where have you gone?


I love the dizzying feeling of being tipsy. I wish adam was here. Were here? Who knows!

Anyway, I kind of want to jump on him right now…and if I’m not ovulating now, I will be soon. RAWR.

Come here, young thing.

(Actually, he’s older than me, but w/e!)

- Saturday, Nov. 3, 2007


pizza and dumpling happy hour

I hate pizza. Or rather, I hate being stupid enough to eat an entire 14-inch pepperoni pizza in the span of a few hours. Or rather, I hate myself.


"DUMPLING happy hour?! What is that? What am I going to do with THAT?!"

-Abbie on the Dobie Mall's new Asian restaurant, which has no alcohol...but a dumpling happy hour! CHEERS!

- friday, Nov. 2, 2007


ran away

“She ran away,” Dae’s roommate spat, and locked the door after shutting it behind her.

“What?” I asked through the door. I knocked for two minutes straight, but this chick, the R.A. of all people, cranked up her damn music—her damn Sonic Youth, as it were, and ignored me like I thought only my mother could.

A couple of the neighbor girls peeked out of their doors to shut me up, but my yelling could not have been much louder than her stereo. Dae’s stereo. Dae’s stereo that her roommate was using.

I kicked the door once for good measure and within a second’s time, a miracle occurred: the hinges ripped and Adelai had a door at her feet. The blaring music suddenly stopped.

“Just fucking tell me where she is,” I hissed, surprised at my own strength and insistence.

She stood gaping at me until her cell phone rang, and she shakily whispered a quiet ‘hello’ into the machine. I frowned and folded my arms in her direction. “Dae?” I asked quickly, and she took a seat on her bed, blowing bangs out of her eyes.

She ignored me and listened to the phone. All of her sentences ended with, “Okay, okay, I got it Mom,” and then she escaped.

Once again, she looked at me, amazed.

“She ran away,” Adelai repeated, but more forcefully. “I don’t know where.”

How typical. Why me? Why this again? Am I not enough?

- thursday, Nov. 1, 2007


gideon yago, frank warrren, what next?

Well, I'm seeing Frank Warren on Thursday...with Adam, a guy I met online. I'm a little wary of the first date being something where we both stare at a guy for an hour. That kind of thing can make a guy jealous, I think.

Speaking of which, I saw Gideon Yago speak last week, and two seats away from me sat Mike C, that guy who I wrote about here and later here. I tried to not pay too much attention to Gideon. Just enough, ya know?

Anyway, Mike was with some other group touring the capital that day. He sat down next to my friend, who happened to be there. She and I are in the same journalism class, and I've always felt a strange rivalry with her, I don't even know why. Curious.

Anyway, he sat down next to her, and they said something. After the speech, I asked her if she had ever seen him before, and she hadn't. Ah, she's onto me! :)

I'm going to start looking forward to my date, and stop watching cheesy romantic videos on youtube; stop eating and start studying.

I'm also going to present to you...a video! WOOT.

7:42 pm - Friday, Oct. 26, 2007


say hello to my little friend!

I'm excited! I feel as though I'm finally taking charge of my mostly unknown sexuality...after a long time searching through the Good Vibrations website today, this is what I found:

Yep. Baby's first vibrator. And it should come in within the next week, with my first lube, condoms, and toy cleaner. Yipee! Goodbye $66, hello newfound sex life!

I'm fairly sure the sex books and sites are correct when they say the best way to have great sex is to communicate with your partner, and tell him/her what makes you tick. Then again, I'm a virgin and not planning on having sex very soon, but I feel like it's still important to explore. I explored as a child, but then stopped after I got caught twice. And I believe I'm preorgasmic, unless I orgasmed as a ten-year-old and now simply can't remember it.

I really don't know my body, so this is a big leap for me. I'm going to keep it a secret. I could tell Adam, but I think I might wait...I don't want to "ruin it," right?

For now, it will be our little secret!

nighttime - monday, Oct. 22, 2007


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