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summer school insurance tactics

I talked to a cute flight attendant on the 26th. I was on his plane to go from Tulsa to Houston with my uncle, only my uncle left the plane early, and I stayed on a while before getting off. My baggage was at the back of the plane, but we had ridden in the front.

The man said with Southwest, a flight attendant could work 6 days per week at the start if he or she wanted. Then the more and the longer you work, the more money you can make. I love him for his honesty...maybe such a career isn't entirely impossible for me.

Before, the major barrier between me and a career as a flight attendant wasn't that I didn't think myself capable. It was always an issue of not enough hours and money at the get go.

I think mom's going to kill me when i get some journalism career and quit three years in only to be some waitress in new york!

i'm still fairly young, i've decided.


mom has calmed down about my grades, but she's being idiotic again. my plan from the beginning of this semester was to take math in austin this summer and live with dad. this should be my last summer as a college student. mom claims she forgot about this plan. what the fuck ever.

so now since she's jealous of me spending the summer with him, she's saying he needs to put me on his insurance for a measly 3 months. as soon as she said that, i didn't know exactly what that would mean, but i knew it was a tactic to try to fuck with him and prevent me from graduating on time. i wouldn't mind staying in school an extra semester, but it just means another $10K of debt to pay off. once i'm out of debt, i'll be out of her claws forever. i hate her for trying to tie me down, and making my life more complicated than it needs to be. i hate being her financial investment.

when we started talking about the course, i thought about how long it would actually last. it might be a 4-week thing, or maybe a 7 or 8 week engagement. the rest of the time i could spend with her in houston. i asked her then if she would still need the insurance switched if it was a shorter engagement. she said she would think about it. i'm hoping her reasoning will kick in.

Here's the gist of our conversation:

idiot: Your father will need to put you on his insurance for the summer then. He'll need to cover your dental, general doctor, everything. You're going to have to tell him he has to do that.

me: (Knowing she's definitely trying to fuck things up.) Ok.

idiot: Because he's not going to want to do that.

me: I figured as much.

What she doesn't realize here is that I'm not insulting him, I'm hating her. Ain't passive agressiveness peachy?

Anyway, she's also asking me to ask him to pay for the course's tuition, because she's not going to do that.

He'll probably agree to pay for it, but after much convincing and a slew of guilt trips about how important education is and subtle references as to how i don't deserve to be paid for. least i have a small grant and the possibility of a summer loan or two.

I think it's high time to shoot myself.

cheer up, emo kid!

- saturday, Dec. 29, 2007


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