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double feature

today i saw two movies:

1. into the wild
2. juno (which i saw once before with mom over the break)

i ran into colin k. in the street on the way. he was in my p. casting class last semester.

what a cool guy...he had really cool casts. very creative, a singer, shy, funny, blond hair and glasses, a writer...

i'm glad i recognized him, even in the dark. he's from Dallas' sister city.

he asked me where i was from, and i told him houston. he asked me if the library was open, and i told him it was going to close at ten. we talked briefly about "juno," which he was planning on seeing that night, and "no country for old men," which he reccommended to me.

i was sort of hoping i might see him at the theater for juno--but then, i wouldn't want him to think i was hitting on him.

but i'd love for him to hit on me.

at any rate, i couldn't stop thinking about him throughout "into the wild," and you know, he looks like a pale, blond version of emile hirsch.

enough. i just checked his facebook profile, and his sexual preference isn't listed...which means he's probably into guys. :(

oh, well! i still think he's cool. go colin!

- thursday, Jan. 10, 2008


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