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zombies, pirates and ninjas, oh, my!

what is it with college students' fascination with zombies? am i just a dork in this way? do i NEED zombies in my life? would they better myself? make me less cultured?

i think i just missed the power curve on the zombie front. :)

to be quite honest, i never saw the appeal of ninjas or chuck norris, either!

although pirates rock. how could they not?

still, all of these characters are so general. when you talk of pirates, you have several different kinds:

-Captain Morgan
-Pirates of the Caribbean
-those pirates from Princess Bride
-the pirates from Stardust, with the captain who liked to dress in drag
-pirates from Peter Pan
-piracy (woot!)

so you see, pirates are everywhere. they're a commodity, and they will kick your ass.


books i am reading right now:

-Go Ask Alice (which has an anonymous author)

-My Freshman Year, by Rebekah Nathan (that's a pseudonym)

-school books

3:27 pm - Monday, Jan. 21, 2008


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