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bunk bed evil dream

i dreamed a really long dream last night... i can only remember parts of it.

i was the narrator in the dream, but i could see inside the mind of one of the characters. there was a woman who needed to keep her friends and herself safe by sleeping with an evil character who made her do it. oddly enough, it wasn't a very sex-heavy dream, and the squeam factor was low. there wasn't a lot of that because one of the woman's friends was actually her serious boyfriend. so, she had to keep her involvement with the evil character under wraps.

at one point, she's on the top bunk of a bed, and dr. evil is on the bottom bunk. her friends are busy, and she hands an explicit note to the evil guy on the bottom bunk. then her boyfriend notices this happening for the first time, and the dream ends.

anyway, she's definitely trying to get out of her situation. bit of a disturbing dream, really.

- friday, Jan. 11, 2008


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