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new experiences this week!

ok, so i know that last post was a load of crap. i've missed a few days of posting, so now here comes the lack of creativity.

i've done a whole load of things i've never done before since last wednesday. here was my schedule:

Wed. - went to a strip club for the first time for and interview for my reporting course (the club was called the Yellow Rose, more on that later)

Thurs. - went to a gay bar drunk, and my alibi was that i was bi! no girls danced with me, though. :(

Fri. - admitted to my friend sara that sometimes i have suicidal thoughts. she's a psych major, and became more concerned than i thought anyone would. she's a sweetheart, that sara. i know i would never kill myself, but i appreciate her concern. and i'm not looking for attention, despite what people like abbie say about it. i stand by my opinion that

Sat. - went folk dancing with leslie and tons of people in their 40s, 50s, 60s, and 70s! yikes.

well, i ought to move along...

p.s. folk dancing simply consists of dances from other cultures/countries. i didn't know what it was before i did it saturday, either.

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