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sex, anyone? a fetish quiz :P

Fetish Quiz Thing

24/7 (Total Power Exchange) nope, only in bed would I be submissive

Abasiophilia (Casts, Braces, Wheelchairs) huh? no.

Age Play No pedophilia, but an age difference is fine, and can be quite a turn-on.

Adult Baby/AB Parent- no. at least i don't think so, b/c i don't understand the question.

Algolagnia (Pleasure derived from physical pain) yep. give me pain! :)

Amputee Fetishism (Amputation/Deformity) No!

Anal Sex i don't think so. i'd need to be VERY bored with my sex life to try this.

Andromimetophilia (Androgeny) okay, i guess. i like but i LIKE being feminine and having a masculine guy next to me. so...maybe not so much.

Arse (Ass Play, Worship) - sounds gross.

Asphyxiaphilia (Breath Play, Choking) i like breathing!

Balloons haha! no. you know, some people are actually AFRAID of balloons. and then some think of them as a turn on! imagine that.

Bestiality/Zoophilia noooooooooooo!

Beating (Flogs, Whips, Canes, etc.) yes, please!

Biastophilia (Committing Rape/Sexual Assault) NO. only if it's pre-arranged, and the "victim" knows what's going to happen. so only in a role playing situation would this be okay. and definitely, a safe word for this.

Biting/Teeth yes! just not too hard!

Blood (Drawing Blood, Cutting, etc.) - that sounds like too much pain. scratching might be okay, though.

Body Hair is nice! especially facial hair!

Body Modification (Tattoos, Branding, Piercings, Scarification, etc.)- meh. probably not.

Bondage (Blind folds, Gags, Restraints) Yeah! Sweet!

Breast/Nipple Torture, Clamps, etc. OW! NO!

Candle Wax - maybe. i don't know how hot this wax is.

Chains - possibly nifty.

Chastity Devices er...nah.

Chinese Balls/Ben Wa Balls/Anal Beads ben wa balls could be nice.

Cling Film/Plastic Wrap sounds too dangerous. i wouldn't want to overheat in there.

Cock and Ball Torture, Clamps, etc.- only if my partner wanted it. i mean, it's HIS cock and balls!

Collar and Lead/Leash no! blah! weird! not good! yuck! i will not be led around on a leash, nor do i want to do that to anyone else!

Confinement/Caging possibly.

Coprophilia (Shit Play/Scat) i need to go throw up now.

Costumes (Period, Fetish, etc.) Sure!

Cross Dressing probably not.

Cupping (Suction of the Skin) huh? maybe, i guess.

Dacryphilia (Arousal from Tears) - well, have you seen "When Harry Met Sally?" if it's that sort of thing, then yeah, why not?

Defilement (Seeing a partner dirty or wet) oh, like if my partner came in from the rain or from mowing the lawn or something, and i gave him a hot shower? sure. :) but i don't really want to get him wet/dirty in other circumstances. but i might be able to be convinced otherwise...:)

Denim what?

Depilation/Shaving - possibly shaving.

Diapers/Diaper Lover - what the HELL?!

Dildos (Hand-held & Strap-ons) - eh, probably not.

Doctor/Nurse Fetish - i might be convinced into doing that.

Domination - dominate me, baby!

Ears - mmm! lovely to lick and suck!

Electrotorture (EMS TENS units) - i doubt it.

Emetophilia (Vomit, Regurgitation) EEEEEEW!

Erotic Photography maybe. i've sort of done that.

Exhibitionism/Sex In Public oooh...i'd love to be coaxed into doing that!

Feathers haha! sure!

Pyrophilia (Fire Play) maybe! just DON'T burn me.

Fisting - OW! NO!

Food Play - cool! at least some of it sounds that way.

Fuck Machines/Robots - no.

Furry/Fur Fetishism - nope.

Gangbangs - sometimes i think about this when i masturbate. it works well then, but i would never do it in real life.

Genital Worship huh? i mean, isn't oral sex genital worship? if it is, then yes.

Guns (Gun Play, Worship) hm. nah, probably not.

Hair Pulling oh gosh...oh my yes...! it's amazing.

Handcuffs/Shackles yeah! sexy sounding!

Harnesses haha! maybe.

High Heels/Stilettos -cool!!!

Humiliation doesn't sound so bad. i have a feeling it's better than its bad rep leads me to believe.

Infantilism (Pacifiers/Bottles, etc.) yuck. huh?

Kidnapping Play again, if it was rp/arranged.

Klismaphilia (Douching/Enema) - Yuck!

Knives (Razors, Swords, other blades) only if no blood is spilled, and the blades are only used for temperature play.

Lace/Lingerie would be fun to shop for and show up in. as far as HIS "lingerie" goes, i don't know. i like a rough guy with some facial hair and not much "prettiness." so maybe just a guy wearing jeans, or cotton boxers. no silk, that's weird.

Latex cool!

Leather maybe?

Making Home "Movies" - nooooo...

Masks (Erotic/Gas Masks, etc.) ugh. no. what?

Masochism hurrah!

Massage - yes!

Master/Slave - jaja!

Masturbation (Mutual or Forced) yes. but not forced, except for role playing rape.

Medical Scenes/Equipment - ew

Menstruation (Sex During, Eating, etc.) - sex during? sure. but i don't want anyone DRINKING my menstrual fluid. GROSS!

Murder Fetishism nah

Military Fetish/Uniforms sure, but only military or firefighters. police men? hell no.

Milk Fetishism/Lactation what?! no.

Necrophilia (Death, Corpses) NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

Nipples maybe

Oral Fixations - somewhat

Oral Sex cool!

Pain (Giving/Receiving) recieving

Piercings don't belong on your wobbly bits!

Pinching - yeah! but gently.

Play Piercing/Needle Play OW. WTF?

Plushophilia (Stuffed animals, Plushies) - no

Podophilia (Foot Fetish) - haha...probably not.

Pregnancy Fetishism nope. although i do want to continue having sex while i'm pregnant, and men who become unattracted to their wives during pregnancy are assholes.

Punishment - yes! yes! yes!

The Rack/Medieval Devices seems frightening.

Raptophilia (Sexual arousal from being raped) only if it's all planned out, a role play.

Religious (Nunplay, Priestplay) no. that's weird to me.

Retifism (Shoes or Boots) maybe. heels sounds way better, though.

Rimming - no

Role Playing sure!

Rubber -huh? guess not.

Sadism - If I'm on the receiving end.

Scent yes. woot.

Sensory Deprivation sounds cool. what is it exactly?

Smoking Fetishism sounds gross to kiss.

Spanking/Paddling yeah!

Statuephilia (Mannequins, Dolls, etc.) huh? nah.

Stockings/Fishnets/Pantyhose yeah! sweet!

Talking Dirty/Verbal Humiliation/Abuse YES!

Tickling Yay! i've been tickled to the floor before, and it's fun!

Tongue Fetish - mmmm

Toys (Buttplugs, Vibrators, etc.) oh man, vibes ROCK.

Urolagnia (Water Sports/Urine) - ew! no!

Violence/Physical Injury nah

Voyeurism - don't think so. what exactly does this mean, anyway?

Wrestling/Fighting yeah!

Zombies/Gore - nooooo

Macro - what?

Skunk Spray - WHAT? NO!

Satanism/demons - No!

Vore - Huh?

Fat/overweight - Yes!

good grief, it's finally over!

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