backyard crowing


rainers on parades

well apparently my internet is down again...or rather viruses keep trying to attack it, so i'm logging off for a few minutes. what the hell is it with the creators of these stupid viruses? who do they think they are? why must they bother people?

idiots, all of them. rainers on parades.

which reminds me, why do people name their kids "rainer?" i don't get it at all...

if my new yorker friend is reading, hi! shoutout! :D

i made a schedule with a google calendar, and i should get back to it...but i want to rent a movie on itunes. decisions, decisions.

sophie's decision! aie. lisanova is amazing--she's a youtuber, check her out. apparently she was at sxsw...and so was (is?)

3:30 am - thursday, Mar. 13, 2008


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