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My great auntie the writer (who is awesome) has read my latest story and critiqued it. She says to write at least thirty minutes per day if you want to go pro, so here go my thirty minutes.

I had a dream last night that Matt e-mailed me back inviting me to his 21st birthday party, and it was on Facebook, so I could see all of the other invitees. I remember feeling excited, but a little disappointed too, as it meant I wouldn't get much alone time with him. I'm dreaming about Matt! This is a good sign, I do believe, a sign that I still like him!

But calm down, Jane, it hasn't been a month yet, and you're not even in a relationship with him. Yet.

So here's what the dream dictionary says:

Party - To dream that you are at a party, suggests that you need to get out more and enjoy yourself. If the party is bad, then it indicates that you are unsure of your social skills.

That tidbit didn't help me much, but here's another:

Invitation - To see or respond to an invitation in your dream, suggests that you need to join or incorporate certain characteristics into yourself.

That makes some sense. I'm being more respectful to my roommate now that she told me what was up, and I'm trying to change in general. I'm making an effort to get sleep, not think about suicide, do all my homework, show up to all my classes and not worry about guys so much. I'm also learning how to say 'no' to social activities.

I don't know how long I've been writing, but I'm sure it hasn't been thirty minutes, so I'll continue.

I had today off because of Good Friday. I was dumb and didn't do my story that's due Monday.

I did do some important things today though. I submitted my FAFSA and made an appointment with my counselor, Tara. I went to all of my classes last week except for News & Women on Wednesday. I can always check out the video we watched at the library, but I don't know if we had a quiz...

I also read a chapter for my Hist. of Journalism class. I also slept FOURTEEN HOURS last night, which rocked.

Are you bored yet? Seriously, I need some better material. I'll see Matt tonight, so that will probably lead to more material.

I bought Pink and White Champagne--Andre brand--yesterday. According to some men's magazine, women who drink champagne are pretentious, wish they were french, and want you to think they're something special because of their drink. Hmmm. Champagne is my drink of choice lately, but not because of any impressions it might give. Then again, I do wish I was French, and I have been called pretentious.

SO, perhaps they've got me pegged! ;)

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