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So Monday's dinner wasn't so bad. However, yesterday's was incredibly boring, and Matt is sick.

Natalie joked that it was mono. :)

I doubt it is mono, because I think it's the same thing I got over in two days after the night we spent.

Other than that, Natalie's recovering from an ear infection (blah!) and I had an incrrrrredibly long hangover from the weekend.

Last night Leslee and I went to Trudy's and I paid with money I don't even have. Hurrah, credit card that I might even be maxing out already. Mom sent some money, it should be here soon. I'm awful at living without it. I have some food here, but it's mostly crap, so I spent some more.

Anyway, I finally had fish last nightin the form of tacos. They were delicious, and it was the first time since lent that I've had fish. In other words I could have eaten fish since Sunday, but I was broke. I'm still broke, but you know, whatever...:D


What am I doing with my life? I admitted to Leslee last night that I don't like journalism anymore. It's strange to hear that coming out of my mouth. I hope I'm not just "giving up" because the work is difficult, but that's a definite possibility.

Assuming I get my degree (and I'm still trying to, of course), I might be so proud of myself for having attained it that I might want to go into journalism at least for a little while just to see what it's all about. Thing is, I already feel like I know what it's all about, hence my extreme apprehension to go into it. I know I could do it and do it well, I just don't think anymore that it's necessarily my calling or talent or desire. Well, it's almost certainly not my desire.

I think I'm just scared. ....Downright terrified. How in the world did you do this, Julie? And with an English degree, too? Seriously, you amaze me.

11:00 am - Thursday, Mar. 27, 2008


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