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i kiss and tell!

i like to think that because i can walk into jamba juice, hear "don't stop me now" and ignore the thought of matt singing it in my head and order a drink, i'm over him.

i also believe that i deserve to be called and asked out. clearly he's not up to the task, so i no longer like his stupid, dumb-in-physics ass. not that i am any better at physics, it's just that i know it pains him that ceej beats him at it. kick 'em where it hurts, eh? sometimes, jane is cruel.


in addition to this stuff, i kissed a former frat boy last night whose name is matty. go figure!

matty is a cute, blonde EE major (ugh) who has 255 friends on facebook. his "about me" section reads, "I don't have a girlfriend, I just know a girl that would get really mad if she heard me say that."

So, he's a good-looking ex (HAH!) frat boy player who just happens to major in something nerdy. he totally took advantage of my loneliness last night, but i don't care much, i'll never see him again. he can easily facebook me and ask me out if he wants to, but based on my recent lack of luck, that'll never happen. he'll probably start working alongside my dad in a few years, and dad will sucker me into going to some company outing like the shithead he is, and i'll bump into matty again. then i can bitch to dad about how he has no morals, and all will be right with the world. ;)

so anyway, let's roll back to the beginning of the story. abbie and i went to awestin's pizza and sprung a leak in their bar. i had three, count 'em THREE long island iced teas which i thoroughly enjoyed, and she a long island with 2 sour apple martinis.

oh yeah, and sidenote: abbie's boyfriend charley snuck back to his lair three hours away saturday afternoon. he's a jerk because he showed up early (not what abbie wanted or was expecting) and left early (ALSO not what abbie wanted or expected.) it was not until an hour or so before he left that he said, "oh, by the way, i have to leave early to go study my flight manual." what. ever. if he needed to do that, he should have just come clean about it.

abs is way too forgiving in this. she teared up and asked him to stay, but didn't get annoyed with him. he deserves a small beating. speaking of beating...well, i'll get to the rest of the story later.

(anyway, the two of them get to see each other once every 3-4 weeks because they're long-distance.)

so after all that drinking i thought i was done for the night, but then coney and matty invited us over to coney's apartment. as we exited the pizza place we met up with travis, a boy from my writing class. before we saw him, coney and matt made fun of him for being quiet and anti-social, so immediately my interest was a tad peaked--i've been dealing with this type of guy lately, perhaps i'd know how to handle him. then once i saw he was from my class and therefore a writer, i decided to focus on him.

so i asked him what he thought of our senile prof, how long he had been writing, and if english was his major. he responded, but wasn't too vocal. i didn't pay too much attention to this, so when we all got back to coney's place, i took a seat on the couch next to him instead of some other guy (was it matty?) who was closer to sit by. i kept thinking the little trip over to travis would be worth something later. unfortunately, the travster (who i dubbed "hat boy" b/c he was the only guy wearing a hat) got up and went to a chair that didn't have room for more than one person. he did this "to give us more room," whatever! turns out he had a girlfriend who showed up later. i was kind to her, and we made small talk. she is a blonde advertising major, and that's all i can remember.

we watched 2 movies: billy madison and catch me if you can. thankfully i've seen both, so i didn't get too sucked into either one and could focus on making out. ;)

coney called some 15-year-old from back home and harrassed her a bit. the chick was the travster's younger sister, and both were fairly embarrassed by coney's behavior. then coney gave abbie his number. he hasn't called, but she doesn't want him to, because he's a total player. anyway, after giving abbie his number, his girlfriend came in and they exited to go to his room. some guy who entered the apartment later, baysu, walked in on them having sex!

anyway, when travis' gf arrived, that couple exited to his room fairly quickly, too. we never saw them again.

so then it was abbie, matty and i, and then some guy named baysu came in. baysu was quite animated and convinced us to do shots of rum. i don't know what i was thinking, but i did it, probably because matty said it was "disappointing" that i had never done a shot. WHAT. EVS. :) then baysu grabbed the abs somewhere else in the apartment to get to know her better. he tried to kiss her, but she wouldn't let him, saying she had a boyfriend. he tried to manipulate her out of that, but she wasn't buying.

by the way, GO, ABBIE!

so meanwhile i had matty the blondie all to myself and we were at that point watching catch me if you can, one of my favorite movies. i talked a bit about how i related to the movie, and we chatted a bluestreak while my left arm casually brushed his right thigh. eventually this led to an arm around my shoulder and occasional kissing.

of course i was paranoid about how my mouth tasted and kept swallowing to make it better, and i even told him i was going to get up to have some water so my mouth didn't taste as bad...but he wouldn't let me, he just kept kissing. sometimes guys are dolls. and this doll had a six pack, which is something i totally wasn't expecting. i kept rubbing his stomach and thinking it was weird because it had a bunch of bumps...but then i realized. hm. nice. (not necessary at all though, of course.)

anyway, he left after a bit because it wasn't his apartment and he had to get up early the next day to drive to houston. yuck. i wasn't too concerned though, because he had said that earlier in the night, i think before we even touched each other. still, it would have been nice of him to stay, or invite me to his place. but then i wondered what abbie would do if i left with him. i would probably insist that she come with us or that we just go back to the dorm.

so after he left, i watched tv and was a tad lonely for awhile before abbie and baysu and i decided to sober up at kerbey lane. i suddenly want to call it the kerbster, because that would be an awesome name for a restaurant.

so we're there and i ordered what i had the night after i stupidly kissed patch: mashed potatoes, fruit, and water. fortunately i didn't have to ask the waitress for sheets of paper to write on, because i wasn't distressed. speaking of which, the waitress was the same both that night AND the night i kissed patch. she was nicer when i was alone, though.

anyway, along the way to the kerbster baysu said some un-PC things that i can't remember now and so i pretended to punch him because they were toward abbie and mean. he was only joking, but i was upset by what he said, joking or not. so yeah, small drunken tackle--it's now in my repertoire.

the meal was fairly delish, and baysu ordered kerbey queso, which he shared (that was decent of him) but insisted on mixing with guac and pico. blah! oh wells, it was his kerbey queso, he paid for it, he should do with it what he wants.

abbie and i walked back home, and that was the night!

SO, the six firsts from that night:

-first time yelling in a bar ("I JUST WANNA MAKE OUT WITH HIM!"...and coney and matty heard it...)
-calling Chameleon, aka Leon, aka andrew who i've never met except through the dating site and who lives far away
-first time kissing a guy with a 6-pack (possibly last, unless i become a fitness buff)
-first time taking a shot (it was rum, BLECH!)
-first time drinking a long island iced tea (or THREE, for that matter!)
-first time assaulting someone
-first time doing so while drunk (it was not much of an assault though, no injuries, no worries!)

I think all these friends lift me up, and make me feel like I am worth a lot. When they're not around, I'm less happy being me. At least sometimes. Perhaps that is why I am social now, and I did little with friends in high school.

8:53 pm - sunday, march 30, 2008


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