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I'm thinking lately that I'll be such a success if I never kill myself. I mean it--I'll only kill myself if I get old and decrepid...but wouldn't it be great for my offspring and their offspring and their offspring if I didn't ever pull my own plug? It's something to be proud of, the everyday bravery of living--especially when you're an old, unattractive fart.

It's comforting to know that Kathryn is just as fucked up as I am in terms of classes. She got a letter from the dean saying she needed to attend more classes, because she might be failing some classes this semester. I love that she (and a couple of others) are anti-j-school like me. We're just sick of what we thought we wanted. Oi, if I could have seen this coming.

Would it be so bad, quitting school and never coming back? Everyone seems to say so. But dad is a wanderer, too--he didn't graduate, he might understand.

I scanned a bunch of magazine covers into a computer earlier tonight. Every time the machine started to do its thing, it sounded exactly like my cell phone's ring. Only the phone was out of batts, so my jumping every two minutes was oh-so-unfounded.

Why am I trying to make the boring funny?!

Chameleon--I called him tonight from the same bar that I was at when I first called him. Only this time instead of being drunk off 3 long island iced teas, I'd had two margaritas, and I was a-OK. The bartender remembered me (how could you forget the chick who screamed, "I JUST WANNA MAKE OUT WITH HIM!), but surprisingly only after I reminded him. I apologized for behaving badly, but he told me not to worry, it was all good. Infact, based on his reaction, I got the sense it was more amusing than disruptive, and he couldn't remember exactly what 'it' was. It was a horny customer, that's what. At least I wasn't screaming about him, right?

SO, Chameleon's coming to Austin soon. He didn't say anything about meeting me; he sounded annoyed to have to come here because he had some sort of rifle test for the military going on. Why don't they just ask you out, eh?

The same thing's happening with the 26-year-old nickster (nerd/hick/hipster); he keeps writing about "Sculpture Falls," a swimming facility, and how devastatingly gorgeous it is. But an invite? Alas, no. I am still without a date...not that I'd have time for one, but nevermind that.

And that's how you fail out of COLLEGE, ladies and gentlemen!

Well, ttfn, guys and dolls!

Amazing lyrics of the day, thanks be to the Raconteurs's song, "Together":

You wrote our names down on the sidewalk
The rain came and washed 'em off
So we should write 'em again on wet cement
So maybe people a long time from now will know what we meant

You want every morning to be just like
The stories that you read but never write
You gotta learn to live and live and learn
You gotta learn to give and wait your turn

5:07 am - Thursday, Apr. 17, 2008


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