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Yep. Kinda thinking I don't want to live right now. Scary? I guess. I think about suicide all the time, it just weighs on my brain. And other things too, like shooting people I don't like. I worry for my own mental health...I'm narcissistic, I don't care about anyone else. My alternative career option is to go be a bartender, which my grandparents and parents (all 6 of them) would hate. Maybe I should just tell them I want to be a waitress, but that's lame. I'd need to get training to bartend, anyway.

Abbie, my psych major and best friend, says thinking about suicide is minor depression, and attempting it is major depression. If you have major depression, they put you on pills and give you treatment. If you have minor depression, they have you go to counseling. "Treatment" is for serious cases, and "counseling" for cases that are...well, less serious.

I'm tired. But it's not impossible. Is it?


I actually posted this earlier and had to repost it to make room for another entry. Gia-carangi commented on this note saying:

Your friend is right. Suicide is the first thing that the doctor asks you about. First they ask, are you thinking about suicide? Then if you say yes they ask you if you've made a plan. If you say yes to the second one then you get hospitalized and you eat cups of pills every couple of hours. It sounds fun but it isn't.

- friday, Apr. 25, 2008


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