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Okay, I'm finally writing an entry from...the new apartment! Dad and I have moved out of the trailer, and into a lovely little apartment complex with tons of amenities. It's almost like a dorm, they provide quite a few services. The laundromat is fairly pitiful and only houses two washing machines and dryers, but this place has eight pools, the largest of which I live fairly close to. They've also got weight rooms, "bocce ball," (whatever that is), racquetball, and other stuff like stress seminars, yoga classes, tennis courts, and other such luxuries. I've heard from dad that the community consists of more men than women, and many of the men are gay! I could use a few good gay friends right now, to improve my impression of men. I know, I know, gay men are more women than men, but still...I think a few nice guys could make

I've met one neighbor, she is a slightly older lady who has a corgi named Taffy. Her name is Sue, and she seems like a sweet person. She said the younger folks live in the apartments that are more to the east (the less expensive apartments), and that the main pool is a good spot to meet people. She has lived here since 2001 (or so, I think) and likes the area a lot.

- thursday, may 15, 2008


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