backyard crowing


dodge the bouquet

my first love was very puppy, my second love very sexy, and my third hasn't shown his face yet.

and that's perfectly fine.

The bride ascended the staircase wearing the smile that was required of her; despite her ectasy, the grin had become tiresome as the wedding wore on. Janeane, her maid of honor, stood below her with the guests, and the whole room buzzed until the bride reached the top.

"Alright, ladies!" a voice yelled. "It's time to catch the bouquet!"

Janeane felt someone shove her into the crowd of single women. It was Lacy, a bridesmaid. "C'mon Jane, get up there with me!" She tugged her arm.

Janeane rolled her eyes and smiled, exaggerating the drag into the other single women.

"One, two...three!" the bride yelled, and her white roses fell at Janeane's feet, who stood with her hands folded, and looked at it with one eyebrow raised. "Well, pick it up!" she told anyone who would listen. Lacy leapt to the flowers with wide eyes. "I got it! I got it!" she squealed, and Janeane chuckled as the crowd clapped and hugs enveloped the lucky winner.

Janeane took out a cigarette and walked toward the terrace.

"Blowing off some steam?"

- thursday, June 05, 2008


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