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AC annoyances and nate neuroses

okay, i can't believe i'm doing this again, but here are the reasons why i DO NOT LIKE Nate:

-it was a one night makeout stand! or two, i guess. who calls those people back weeks later?! what, to fuck? no.

-he's a chick magnet, according to his friend

-he doesn't believe in God

-his facebook profile description is the lamest, most pompous thing i've read in a while

-he didn't let me stay the night (asshole i am more important than your morning workout! i AM your morning workout!)

-didn't get my fucking visa card back from the bar like he said he would! his roommate is his cousin and the owner of the bar!

-he wanted me to drink before we got it on

-he smokes pot

-he drove me to his house whilst partly high on pot (verrry dumb move)

-he asked my BFF about her sex life. wtf?

-according to the facebook pictures, he's quite the charmer...has his arms around like 10 different girls...

-after 3.5 weeks or more of not seeing him, i have almost completely forgotten his existence. he didn't really stick, and i'm glad! i think abbie makes me crazy, makes all guys stick to me, because all guys stick to her, if she's quite into them. i can't live her crazy life, i have to love her and not become her. i don't want her to be anyone she's not, just as she wouldn't want me to be anything i wasn't. it's not healthy to love someone so much you become them. then all spouses would be clones, and that's boring. even couples that get along well aren't boring, at least usually.

i'm just disappointed that when i heard my slow dance wedding song on the night i met him, i asked him to dance. i abandoned a freshly made $8 margarita on a whim to ruin my wedding song with some guy...

it's "tiny dancer," by elton john.

he's also the first guy who's ever seen me come. at least i think i didn't come with marcus...that was back in the days when i didn't know how to have an orgasm. i brought the vibrator, that's why i came. he kept touching me, but it was thoroughly annoying.

well, if having the AC out in my car wasn't enough, the AC in this apartment fails two days into my dad's week and a half long business trip in cali, which as we all know is what idiots call california.

i sound like a priss. then again, i think i am a priss. but i'm a hot, angry priss with no AC in texas in the summer! gah! i've been nude in this room for hours and my boobs are sweating! this is why the south will never be for me. i can trudge through ice and snow like a champ, but heat? it kills me. i feel like there's no reason to live when it's this hot.

- monday, June 09, 2008


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