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It is an omen that I met her at the nail shop. She interviewed Janeane Garofalo, or one of my favorite actresses, and my internet pseudonym.

I need to pay attention to this. I don't know if it means I'll be a journalist, or a web designer for a newspaper, or what. But the first name she picked out of her large bag of interviewees was Janeane.

One of the psychiatrists I spoke with on the phone had the last name Garofalo. I spoke with her briefly, and she was filled to the brim with clients, so she couldn't take me. I almost asked her if she was related to Janeane, but I thought she would think I was silly. What if there had been a connection there?

Not that I would ever meet her, but I suppose it's not impossible, not if the girl at the nail shop interviewed her. What would I say?


i am tired, lost, and i don't want to be around people.

especially my dad. i'd rather he go away instead of wanting to spend time with me. he doesn't understand that i don't enjoy eating out with him for several reasons:

-i'd rather not be inundated with questions about school, which i'm not doing so well in
-i don't wish to be at a restaurant for an hour and a half when i could be studying
-he's annoying, and he talks too much about everything that is mundane
-i've grown out of him

i guess i am antisocial? let me look it up:


And this, from diarylander choose-me, who is no longer on the site but posted a comment to one of enurta's entries:

When I hit rock bottom from being heartbroken and the drug abuse I thought the time was ripe for me to end my life. That was a year ago. My younger sister said to me, 'if you think your life sucks now, the worst is yet to come.' And I said, 'why don't I put myself out of misery right now?', 'then you wouldn't be able to prove me wrong,' she said.


And on a completely different note, here's a hilarious blog:

- wednesday, july 16, 2008


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