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horny in my full bed

feel as if I am just horny all the time.

This virginity thing is really starting to get to me. I wonder if getting a vibrator a few months ago and discovering the orgasm only made me more horny? I'm fairly sure it did! But I wouldn't change buying that thing for the world. A world with orgasms is a bit richer. :)

...richer in orgasms...

ANYWAY! Like I said, I'm horny. I just want someone to come home to that's not my dad. I'm so glad I went for the full bed instead of the twin. This way I can snuggle up with my beau du moment...of course, now that I have a place to put someone, I'll probably find no one--murphy's law. :D

oh, but I'm not that pessimistic...not when it comes to love.

the psychologist, bless her heart, says the reason I'm interested in Victor, who lives an hour and a half away, is because I'm desiring companionship that I could get more easily from friends here in atx. I think she might be right, but still, I like Victor loads. I can't do whatever she says just because she's my psychologist. I should trust her, though, and I think she's right in this case. Maybe? Aie!

I want to call him, talk to him, see him, make out with him. Perhaps I never should have joined the dating site.

- friday, July 11, 2008


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