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patch drunk dials

Patch drunk dialed me at 3 am last this morning, thanked me for being his friend, and called me "like the prettiest friend ever."

Say it ain't so
Your drug is a heartbreaker
Say it ain't so
My love is a life taker

-Weezer, "Say It Ain't So"

I've had that song in my head all day, and all day yesterday. We played "rock band" a few weeks ago; he took drums, I took vocals.

When I was in the bookstore and he called me two days ago, I was reading serafina67, a book that consists solely of a teenage girl's blogging. She has a thing for patchworkboy, and just as I was reading about him, my own patchworkboy called. Only I don't like him, and I'd rather never see him again. We'd have a fairly romantic love story if we ever did get together, but I just don't like him.

We met on the internet (not your traditional romance), and discovered we had the same math prof, but he at 9 am, and me at 10 am. When we broke up, I skipped a lot of class so that I wouldn't have to see him in between classes. The first time I saw him and recognized him, he was at the other end of the sidewalk, and the lights wouldn't let either of us cross the street, so we were stuck looking at each other, waving, and then awkwardly looking around, at our feet, and back at each other again, grinning stupidly. At that distance, you don't know whether it's love or another fluke. Too much or too little enthusiasm could be misinterpreted.

He did so many things wrong in the relationship. Gah! I could never go back to that, and try to fix it.

My best friend likes drunk dials. She says they make her feel special. This one stressed me out, as did the doting one from one of my other ex boyfriends...

Ah, today is Bastille Day, aka French Independence Day! Four years ago today, I was partying it up in France, dancing in the streets and watching fireworks!

Sadly, it feels like a million years ago...I'm not who I was then.

Because I'm not who I was
When I took my first step
And I'm clinging to the promise
That you're not through with me yet...

-Ginny Owens, "If You Want Me To"

- monday, july 14, 2008


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