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fucking library shit

why can't my dad just leave me the fuck alone? God, i hate him. he's all making dinner and shit and everytime he does that (big deal, dad cooking, it's a miracle,) he wants me to sit down with him and hang out. talk. well, fuck that.

i hate people, all people. sometimes they're bearable, most of the time they're not. i have three dvds that are overdue at the library. i'm going to have to pay $36 because they're late, even though he SAYS he'll pay me back. yeah, right. only if i remind him, and then when he finds out it's that much, he'll have a hissy fit and make me pay, either way.

i hate, hate, hate, hate my dad. i wish he didn't exist.

this may seem like a minor argument to an outsider, but when it happens day after day, it pisses you the fuck off.

- sunday, july 20, 2008


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