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marcus plans

why marcus might like me:

-he asked if there were any boys in my life

-he asked me if i wanted to hang out after work

-he did flirt a bit

-he's probably going to come see me at work sometime this week (if he doesn't, that'll be a HUGE and final strike against him)

-after apologizing via text, he finally picked up the phone and called me and apologized again, which (i think) he knows is what i prefer. because if you're going to apologize, do it right, over the phone or in person.

-he called us a "funny couple" when we couldn't hear each other on the phone

-sometimes couples get together at the very last moment

-he called himself a douchebag when he apologized

why he probably doesn't:

-he was driving when he called, he wasn't giving me his full attention

-he had the nerve to bring up porn, which he KNOWS i am against

-he suggested we "ride the baloney pony to o-town" in jest, but when a guy jokes about that kind of thing, he's just testing you to see what you'll do--say yes, get offended, laugh it off

-he's apologizing just now, just when he's about to move 45 minutes away, so it's convenient for him. if he apologized and he wasn't moving, he might not want to get together, because that would mean he might have to face rejecting me again if he wants to.


-dress up for work every day this week, makeup and jewelry included

-be cool and casual, joking a lot. maaaaybe get into a convo about something serious, but only if it's not going to hurt your chances of dating him.

-let him pay if he offers (even if it's not a date, he owes you for being a douchebag)

-do NOT, under ANY CIRCUMSTANCES, make out with him

-flirt, but don't touch him, and try not to flirt in TOO sexy a manner

-eat better


-if and when he comes to your place of work, act happy, but not overly enthusiastic--I know it will be difficult, but you can do it!

- monday, august 4, 2008


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