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I like to think that my blogs are sometimes like a jazz piece. They start out quickly (sometimes), with feeling and passion, and then they wander around lazily until they grow white hot again, and then fizzle out. They are unpredictable but sweet.

Last night was my first one in the new apartment. I'll be here for the next year!

It's almost over. This college thing IS ALMOST OVER.

I feel more confident about it now.

Oh yeah, and by 'over,' I mean over and I have GRADUATED. It's going to happen. I want it to happen, I'll work for it to happen, and it's going. to. happen.

I give it a year and a half.

Then I'll be all paying off debts like a mad woman, moving to new york, exploring the city, the world, and meeting some amazing guy who wants to see the world and write, too.

I'd love to meet a guy who writes and travels. I just got a little teary as I thought that. I think he's out there.

Because what writer doesn't enjoy travel? New sights places new material.

Yes, I think that's the way my life will be:

-pay it off
-meet great guy
-travel more with him

And of course, writing every step of the way! You never know when genius will strike.

Today is a good day, I'm feeling positive and I'm genuinely wanting what people want me to want. I hope my mood stays this way, and that I will pull through.

I believe I can do it.

I can see the ceremony, the toiling for the student loan, the move, the travel, the guy (a million times over; I watch too many rom coms), and the subsequent travel.

Oh yeah, and then a kid, or maybe two. But not until later.

Janeane Garofalo

- monday, august 11, 2008


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