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So I have just updated a bunch of entries...

I've also moved into my very first apartment! I share it with a girl who I'll call Teenie. Unfortunately for her, that nickname is not very nice...but I've got to pick a name that's similar to her real one, otherwise my someday 80-year-old self won't know who she is.

Teenie is also in j-school, only she wants to go into law afterward. She left tonight and won't be back for another couple of weeks, right before school starts. So I've the apartment to myself! I'm thinking about having a party. Right now, she's all about family and the boyfriend back home. And cooking. Teenie loves to cook!

And so do I, now that I need to learn how. Because why make something you have to do a drag?

I'm listening to my shag mix right now, and I've masturbated 3 times today to it. Nothing like some alone time!

Anywho, tamale i'll actually be all about the fambly, as my mother had anal surgery of some kind last wednesday. Poor thing. She can't eat yet, and this is what, her fifth day? I don't understand how she can survive. Maybe she's eating now, but I didn't dare ask and remind her of her pain. Perhaps she'll lose some weight.

I'm bringing homemade vegetable soup, plenty of dvds and a computer to play them on, and probably flowers. Sucks to be sick, to be in a hospital, to have surgery for four hours.

But I'm pretty sure she's pulling out a-ok. The auntie and the granny have been spending the week hanging out at her hospital room, and sleeping at our house, and the uncle and the grandy have been by; the bestie and her boy visited as well.

Hopefully it's not TOO boring. I'm so tired already. This weekend may just be a bunch of sitting in the hospital. But poor mom...she's been there so many days already. This must be pretty serious, seeing as everyone's coming to visit. I don't want to talk about my grades, I just got them today--they're an A and a D. God bless both of those profs! I deserved neither grade.

Well, I don't know about that, but that's basically true. I don't want to talk about it. I'm just glad I'm out of a job and have got a couple of weeks to get a new one, get my shit ready, and relax/have a housewarming party/etc.

Geez! And nanowrimo!

I was going to do that this month. But really, I think it's never too late to start. I'll start today, and for once in my life, I think I'll write from a male's point of view...maybe. I'll keep you updated.

- friday, august 15, 2008


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